Int: “What makes YOU beautiful, One Direction?”

Liam: “I think probably Harry’s curls.”

"kochamy was"

"you and i is a love song. it’s kind of like, a little more grown up for us. personally i think this is one of our best songs"

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I am certain that Louis knows exactly what we think about the oops tattoo. He has said that people read too much into their tattoos and tries to deflect questions with comments like 'just a fat bird'. He must have seen or been told about the countless posts linking all the complimentary tattoos. To think that he doesn't know the effect that his oops sweatshirt would have is delusional.


Or, my tattoo artist made a mistake, so I had him write “Oops” on top of it…

I completely agree! At the very least, like you mentioned, he would have been told. We’ve seen their HJPR Reps and members of their management pop in within the fandom from time to time to dispel rumors- most of which are laughable and unnecessary; Rabbit Fur hat, anyone?!

Also, lately there have been countless magazines connecting their tattoos, the Oops and Hi being one of them, and to think that Louis (and to that extent, the rest of the band) are clueless as to what is being whispered in the underground tunnels of Tumblr, is preposterous. They are not that far removed. 

Again: They are either aware of all of it, or none of it. You can’t have it both ways. 

We’ve seen them address rumors before, why would they be unaware of one that addresses the inception of the very friendship that has been categorized as “getting along from the word go” and “it just kinda happened”?

Head cannon or not, Oops and Hi aside, if you believe that Harry and Louis let their friendship die because of rumors they didn’t know about, which preceded any tattoos, then this type of behavior is not something I want to be associated with. 

And now we recently had Louis look for a Tweet that spoke about the “Oops” jumper, and he addressed it! Even if it is being used for merchandise, which it has not yet been announced, it is still a pretty significant tattoo to choose from, considering what we think of it. Although, honestly, with about 7 sets of complementary tattoos between Harry and Louis, if they were to use them for merchandise it still does not take away from the reason they got them in the first place. 

If anything it speaks more towards them actually being able to make profit out of something that “originally ruined” the tight knit twosome of Harry and Louis.

I honestly think the reason he addressed it, was because he was more worried that someone would take credit for something he made, than people running with it at full steam on the Larry Train.

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